Afon Leri

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Afon Leri
Cors Fochno Aberleri Nature Reserve.jpg
Afon Leri near Aberlerry
Physical characteristics
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River Dyfi
 - locationRiver Dyfi

The Afon Leri (English: River Leri) is a river in Ceredigion, Wales. It rises at Llyn Craig-y-Pistyll and is joined at Talybont by Afon Ceulan before passing behind Borth to its mouth in the Dyfi estuary at Ynyslas.

The river once flowed into Cardigan Bay at Aberleri, to the south of Ynyslas. In 1824 its route was diverted to provide a harbour for the local shipbuilding industry.[1]

In June 2012 the Leri was affected by serious flooding causing property damage in Talybont, Dolybont and Borth following torrential rain in the area.[2]


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Coordinates: 52°31′12″N 4°02′25″W / 52.5199°N 4.040404°W / 52.5199; -4.040404