Afonso Celso Garcia Reis

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For other Brazilian footballer named Afonsinho ,see Afonso Guimarães da Silva.

Afonso Celso Garcia Reis, best known as Afonsinho (born in Marília, 3 September 1947) was an association footballer. Started career in 1962 for XV de Jaú, and in 1965 for Botafogo.

Four decades after Fausto, in the zenith of Military dictatorship in Brazil in 1971 he succeed to be the first Brazilian footballer to obtain in practice in Brazil the affirmation of one basic labor law: the right to negotiate his own services in order to change employer/team when and if he wants, with no need for interference of agents or approval of any former employer, and without suffering professional reprisals. A movie documentary called "Passe Livre"pt:Passe livre (documentário) was did by movie maker Oswaldo Caldeira about the subject in 1974.

He also played by Olaria, Santos, América Mineiro, Madureira, Flamengo and Fluminense.

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