Afram River

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Afram River
River Afram.JPG
Afram River which binds with the Volta River.
River Afram.JPG
Afram River beyond the mountain.
Country Ghana
Mouth Volta River
 - location Lake Volta
 - coordinates 6°50′53″N 0°43′25″W / 6.84806°N 0.72361°W / 6.84806; -0.72361Coordinates: 6°50′53″N 0°43′25″W / 6.84806°N 0.72361°W / 6.84806; -0.72361
Basin 1,000 km2 (386 sq mi)

The Afram River is a 100 km river in Ghana. Prior to the construction of the Akosombo Dam in the 1960s, the Afram is a principal tributary of the Volta River and today is an equally important tributary of Lake Volta. The river runs roughly in a southwesterly direction. It collects all the drainage of the Kwahu Plateau.[1]


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