Africa: The Serengeti

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Africa: The Serengeti
Africa- The Serengeti FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byGeorge Casey
Written byGeorge Casey
Mose Richards
Narrated byJames Earl Jones
Music byHans Zimmer
CinematographyAndrew Kitzanuk
Release date
  • April 1, 1994 (1994-04-01)
Running time
39 minutes
CountryUnited States

Africa: The Serengeti is a 70mm American documentary film released in 1994 to IMAX theaters. It is narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor James Earl Jones, and directed by George Casey. It was shot on location in Tanzania and Kenya.

The film features nature cinematography during a year at East Africa's Serengeti plain. The Serengeti is a huge area of grassland in Tanzania. Once a year, in time of drought, animals travel north in order to survive. This "great migration", an event in which millions of wildebeests, zebras, and antelope travel several hundred miles across the plain, while lions and other dangers await them along the way, is considered one of the great wonders of the world.[1]

Hans Zimmer, the Academy Award-winning composer of The Lion King, contributed to the film's soundtrack. Casey followed up with another nature documentary, this time on the other side of the globe, called Alaska: Spirit of the Wild.


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