Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Animation

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The Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Animation is an annual merit by the Africa Film Academy to reward the best animated films for the year.[1]

Best Animation
Year Film Recipient Result
2008 The Lunatic Ebele Okoye Won
2009 Kono Won
Leila Nominated
Little Learning is Different Nominated
Manani Ogre Nominated
Cheprono Nominated
2010 Hanayns Shoe Won
Adventure of Alayo Nominated
Zoodo Nominated
Lyrics Nominated
One Step of Love Nominated
2012 The Legend on Ngong Hills Won
Oba Nominated
Climate Change is Real Nominated
Egu Nominated
Nauliza Nominated
2013 Adventures in Zambezia Won
Tageni’s Dol Nominated
Mission Impossible Nominated
Oba Nominated
Lion Of Judah Nominated
2014 Khumba Won
The Hare and the Lion Nominated
Thank God its Friday Nominated
Leila Nominated
The Brats and Toy Thief Nominated
2015 The Legacies Of Rubies Won
The Throne Nominated
Alternative to Corporal Punishment Nominated
Akorkoli Nominated
2016 The Pencil Won
The Peculiar Life of a Spider Nominated
Funsie Fast Fingers Nominated
Lazare Sie Pale Nominated
2017 Got Flowers Won
Black Barbie Nominated
Gyrow Nominated
Pull Nominated
2018 Belly Flop Won
Group Photo Nominated
Untitled Nominated
Crush Nominated
2019 Choices Won
Afrogames Nominated
Isolated Nominated
Kitwana Journey Nominated
2020 I am leaving In Ghana Get Me Out of Here Won
From Here To Timbuktu Nominated
Malaika (The Warrior Queen) Nominated
A Special Gift Nominated
The Legend of Lwanda Magere Nominated
FTFO Nominated
Sankofa Nominated
A Gugle Day Nominated
2021 Lady Buckit& the Motley Mopsters Won
Room 5 Nominated
Shaka-InklosiYamakhosi Nominated
The Pyramid Nominated
Mofiala Nominated
A Thousand Fate Nominated
White Nights Nominated

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