African-American Women for Reproductive Freedom

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African-American Women for Reproductive Freedom was an American-based reproductive rights organization that formed in 1990. The organization developed as a way for African American women to show support for Roe vs. Wade. Faye Wattleton was one of the first major supporters of the organization.[1]

This group's intent was to alter the perception of abortion not being a choice for African-American women, who they argued faced additional stigma and judgement for seeking out a legal abortion. Their arguments mentioned the history of rape, torture, and other forms of abuse suffered by African-American women, stating that it was not fair and that this led to them being continually marginalized and treated as if they couldn't think for themselves.[2]

Declaration brochure[edit]

In 1989, before officially forming an organization, a group of 16 African American women, and one man, all affiliated with major organizations in the country, released a declaration brochure supporting pro-choice reproductive rights. The document, "African American Women are for Reproductive Freedom", was signed by:[3]

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