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African Bible Universities refers to one of several Bible universities in Africa, with three campuses as of 2009. The colleges offer university-level education with a Christian emphasis, with the aim of training men and women for Christian leadership and service. The four-year curriculum is designed to be either terminal or preparatory for further education.[1]


The first campus of the college was opened in 1978 in Liberia in West Africa. In 1991 the second college opened in Malawi in Central Africa, and in 2005 a third campus opened in Uganda in East Africa.[2] Prior to the First Liberian Civil War, ABC operated as a full college and conferred BA degrees after its accreditation in 1983 by the Ministry of Education, but was forced to close because of the war that began in Nimba County, where the college is situated. The college re-opened in 2008.[3]

Sports involvement[edit]

African Bible College in Malawi regularly hosts basketball and other sporting events at the national level, including the national All Stars Tournament.[4]

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