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The African Conservation Centre is a non-governmental organization based in Kenya. The group was founded in 1995. In 2007, it received a US$200,000 grant from the Ford Foundation. Their work has focused on capacity building "to conserve wildlife through sound science, local initiatives and good governance."[1] One of its projects, the Shompole Group Ranch."[2], won the 2006 Equator Initiative Award for community-driven biodiversity-based business from the United Nations Development Programme.


Conservation of life's diversity for the well-being of the community and the environment "[3]


The mission is to conserve the wildlife and the environment in and beyond East Africa through the application of scientific and indigenous knowledge, enhanced livelihood and development of effective institutions."[4]


African Conservation Center (ACC) began in the 1970s. Initially, it began as a research field for the issue of conserving wildlife. In 1995, ACC was registered "[5] as a nonprofit organization. Since then, the organization has grown to many accomplishments. In 2012, ACC collaborated with the South Rift Association of Landowners to create Kenya Rangeland Coalition. "[6]