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African Cricket Association
Formation 1997 (1997)
Headquarters Willowmoore Park, Benoni
22 associations
South Africa Jesse Chellan
Website ICC Africa

The African Cricket Association is an international body which oversees cricket in African countries. The ACA was founded in 1997, and has 22 member countries. The ACA is a sub-ordinate body to the International Cricket Council.

South African and Zimbabwean Cricket is independently administered by their own boards, however the ACA is responsible for the administration, promotion and development across the rest of the Africa continent. They are also responsible for the development of coaching and umpiring, and expanding cricket administration within national organisations on the African Continent. Prior to the Creation of the ACA, and the rest of Africa was administered by two separate organisations, the East and Central Africa Cricket Conference and the West Africa Cricket Council.

The ACA also organises the African XI which competes in the Afro-Asian Cup.

The Cricket World Cup has been held once in the ACA region when the 2003 Cricket World Cup was hosted in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya.


The following tournaments are contested by teams from African ICC members, with responsibility for each shared to some extent between the ACA and the ICC:

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Members of the International Cricket Council located in Africa.
     Full members (2)
     Associate members (7)
     Affiliate members (12)
     Suspended members (1)

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