African Economic Outlook

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African Economic Outlook  
Discipline African studies, economy
Language English, French, Portuguese
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Annual
Standard abbreviations
Afr. Econ. Outlook
ISSN 1995-3909 (print)
1999-1029 (web)
LCCN 2002242033
OCLC no. 49280667

African Economic Outlook is an annual reference book-journal which focuses on the economics of most African countries. It reviews the recent economic situation and predicts the short-term interrelated economic, social, and political evolution of all African economies. The report is published by the OECD Development Centre, the African Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. It was established in 2002.[1][2][3]


This annual publication covers economic policy, conditions, and outlook for most of the economies of Africa. It includes macroeconomic forecasting for the current and the following year, combined with an analysis of its social and political context. Comparative synthesis of the prospects for African countries in the context of global economics is part of this periodical. Finally, a statistical appendix currently has 24 tables comparing economic and social variables across all the countries of Africa.[2][3]

For example, topic coverage includes the international environment, macroeconomic performances in Africa, structural changes, economic reforms, external financial flows to Africa, assessment of privatization policies, and reduction of poverty as a challenge for the future. Moreover, coverage includes governance, political issues, regional trade policies, and regional integration.[2][3]

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