African Guitar Summit

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African Guitar Summit
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Labels CBC Records
Website African Guitar Summit on myspace
Members Alpha Yaya Diallo
Naby Camara
Pa Joe
Theo Yaw Boakye
Kofi Ackah
Adam Solomon
Mighty Popo
Donné Robert
Madagascar Slim

African Guitar Summit is a group of nine Canadian musicians, all of African origin who perform traditional songs from their native countries.[1]


The African Guitar Summit was organized in Toronto as part of a performance project for CBC Radio’s On Stage program. Musicians from Guinea, were guitarist Alpha Yaya Diallo[2] and Naby Camara on balafon. From Ghana, guitarist Pa Joe, singer Theo Yaw Boakye, and drummer Kofi Ackah took part. Additional musicians were Adam Solomon from Kenya, Mighty Popo from Burundi/Rwanda,[3] and from Madagascar guitarist and harmony singer Donné Robert and Madagascar Slim.[4] The producer of African Guitar Summit was Todd Fraracci.

The nine musicians rehearsed and arranged for three days, sharing stories and experiences. On the fourth day the group debuted in a concert at CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio. The following three days were spent in CBC Studio 211 recording their self-titled CD. Everything was recorded live off the floor, in one or two takes.

African Guitar Summit was released on CBC Records in November 2004, and went on to win the Juno Award for World Music Album of the Year.[5][6] The group performed an arrangement of Mwembo at the Juno Awards Gala in Winnipeg, April 2, 2005. They have since toured across Canada, including a performance at the Live 8 concert in Barrie, near Toronto.[2]


  • African Guitar Summit (Vol 1 CD) (November 2, 2004)
  • African Guitar Summit (Vol 2 CD) (September 26, 2006)


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