African Herbsman

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African Herbsman
Compilation album by
ReleasedJuly 1973 (1973-07)
GenreEarly Reggae
ProducerLee Perry
Bob Marley and the Wailers chronology
Catch a Fire
African Herbsman
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African Herbsman is a 1973 Trojan Records repackage of Bob Marley and the Wailers' 1971 album Soul Revolution Part II produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry, which had had a limited Jamaica only release. African Herbsman was released shortly after the band's major-label debut album Catch a Fire had been released by Island Records.

The album differs from Soul Revolution Part II by adding five other tracks from the period. Four of the added tracks are non-album singles, including two of the group's self-productions, "Trenchtown Rock" and "Lively Up Yourself", as well as "400 Years" by Peter Tosh from the album Soul Rebels.

Several of the songs would later be re-recorded by Marley for his later albums; examples are "Lively Up Yourself" (on Natty Dread), "Duppy Conqueror", "Put It On" and "Small Axe" (on Burnin'), and "Sun Is Shining" (on Kaya).

Track listing[edit]

Original album (1973)[edit]

All tracks written by Bob Marley, unless noted.

Side one
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Lively Up Yourself"Bob MarleyNon-album single (1971)2:53
2."Small Axe"MarleyNon-album single (1970)3:54
3."Duppy Conqueror"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)3:44
4."Trenchtown Rock"MarleyNon-album single (1971)2:57
5."African Herbsman"Richie HavensSoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:24
6."Keep on Moving"Lee Perry, Curtis Mayfield, MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)3:09
7."Fussing and Fighting"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:28
8."Stand Alone"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:12
Side two
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
9."All in One" (medley pt.1) ("Bend Down Low" / "Nice Time" / "One Love" /
"Simmer Down" / "It Hurts to Be Alone" / "Lonesome Feelings" /
"Love and Affection" / "Put It On" / "Duppy Conqueror")
Neville Livingston, MarleyNon-album single (1971)3:36
10."Don't Rock the Boat"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)4:33
11."Put it On"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)3:33
12."Sun Is Shining"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:15
13."Kaya"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:39
14."Riding High"Neville Livingston, Cole PorterSoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:44
15."Brain Washing"MarleySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:38
16."400 Years"Peter ToshSoul Rebels (1970)2:32

Trojan Records reissue (2003)[edit]

Bonus tracks cat# 06076-80399-2[2]
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
17."Memphis" (The Upsetters dub version)Chuck BerrySoul Revolution Part II (1971)2:09
18."Live" ("Lively Up Yourself" version)Tommy McCookNon-album single (1971)2:51
19."More Axe"Bob MarleyNon-album single (1970)2:31
20."the Axe Man" ("Small Axe" version)The UpsettersNon-album single (1970)2:47
21."Zig Zag" ("Duppy Conqueror" version)The UpsettersNon-album single (1970)2:58
22."Grooving Kingston 12" ("Trenchtown Rock" version)Bob Marley and the WailersNon-album single (1971)2:56
23."Moving Version" (DJ Big Youth version)Lee Perry, Curtis Mayfield, Bob MarleyNon-album single (1971)2:58
24."Keep on Skanking"Bob MarleyNon-album single (1974)3:21
25."Copasetic:" ("All in One" version) ("Bend Down Low" / "Nice Time" /
"One Love" / "Simmer Down" / "It Hurts to be Alone" / "Lonesome Feeling")
The UpsettersNon-album single (1971)3:05
26."Kaya" (version 2)Bob Marley and the WailersNon-album single (1971)2:41