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African MobileMoney
Operating areaAfrica

Mobile Money is a mobile payments system based on accounts held by a mobile operator and accessible from subscribers’ mobile phones. The conversion of cash into electronic value (and vice versa) happens at retail stores (or agents). All transactions are authorised and recorded in real-time using SMS.

In 2009, GSMA made a grant to Safaricom to support the development of a social transfer payment project via M-Pesa.[1]

M-PESA was developed by Vodafone and first deployed by its Kenyan affiliate Safaricom. In May 2012, there were over 15 million customers of M-PESA in Kenya.

Countries having a Mobile Money Presence[edit]

Current Mobile Money Presence in African Countries[2]
Currency ISO Country Currency
XOF  Benin CFA franc
BWP  Botswana Pula
XOF  Burkina Faso CFA franc
BIF  Burundi Burundi franc
XAF  Cameroon CFA franc
XAF  Chad CFA franc
CDF  Democratic Republic of the Congo Congolese franc
EGP  Egypt Egyptian pound
ETB  Ethiopia Ethiopian birr
XAF  Gabon CFA franc
GHS  Ghana Ghanaian cedi
GNF  Guinea Guinean franc
XOF  Guinea-Bissau CFA franc
XOF  Ivory Coast CFA franc
KES  Kenya Kenyan shilling
LSL  Lesotho Loti
LRD  Liberia Liberian dollar
MGA  Madagascar Malagasy ariary
MWK  Malawi Malawian kwacha
XOF  Mali CFA franc
MRO  Mauritania Ouguiya
MUR  Mauritius Mauritian rupee
MAD  Morocco Moroccan dirham
MZN  Mozambique Mozambican metical
NAD  Namibia Namibian dollar
XOF  Niger CFA franc
NGN  Nigeria Naira
RWF  Rwanda Rwandan franc
XOF  Senegal CFA franc
SLL  Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean leone
SOS  Somalia shilling
ZAR  South Africa South African rand
SDG  Sudan Sudanese pound
SZL  Swaziland Lilangeni
TZS  Tanzania Tanzanian shilling
XOF  Togo CFA franc
TND  Tunisia Tunisian dinar
UGX  Uganda Ugandan shilling
ZMW  Zambia Zambian kwacha
ZWD  Zimbabwe Zimbabwean dollar(No longer in use)


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