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The African Parks Network, is a not-for-profit company that takes on total responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks and other protected areas, in public-private partnerships with African Governments. The approach combines world-class conservation practices with business expertise. They place emphasis on achieving the financial sustainability of the parks, principally through tourism and associated private enterprise which also serve as a foundation for economic development and poverty reduction. The African Parks Network is founded in 2000 as a not-for-profit organisation by a group of experienced conservationists (Mavuso Msimang, Dr Anthony Hall-Martin, Michael Eustace, Peter Fearnhead and late Paul Fentener van Vlissingen), who were concerned about the decline of many of Africa’s national parks.

In just nine years, African Parks has taken on responsibility for the management of 5 protected areas in four different countries.[1][2][3]


African Parks Network is registered as a not-for-profit Company under Section 21 of the Companies Act of South Africa and its Head Office is in Johannesburg. African Parks' CEO is Peter Fearnhead. Each park is managed by a separate legal entity, registered in the host country. These legal entities are mostly established by African Parks Network for the purpose of implementing an agreement with the Government for the management of a specific national park.

Affiliate organisations[edit]

African Parks is supported by a number of affiliate organisations established in key donor countries. Their primary role is to facilitate the establishment of partnerships in their respective host countries with individuals, institutions and companies, that are willing to become involved in the work of African Parks. Currently these affiliate organisations include:

  • Stichting African Parks Foundation, Netherlands
  • African Parks Foundation of America
  • African Parks Foundation (UK)

Parks managed[edit]

The following parks are managed by African Parks Network:[4]

Formerly managed parks[edit]

The following parks were once managed by African Parks Network. For various reasons African Parks Network stopped managing these parks:[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]


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