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African Progress Center is a nonprofit, non partisan organization committed to finding practical and long-term solutions to strengthening freedom and democracy in Africa by promoting openness, good governance and the rule of law. The Regional headquarters of African Progress Center are currently located in Nairobi, Kenya. They also operate regional offices in Tanzania and Uganda. The Center operated an office in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States.

Some of the objectives of African Progress Center includes

  1. To promote openness and accountability in government by building political and civic organizations.
  2. To empower political parties and regionally based organizations by building capacities within the organization.
  3. To enhance information dissemination to all registered political parties and locally based organizations.
  4. Advocating for electoral reform and election monitoring.
  5. Providing civic education to political parties and to the public.
  6. To promote good governance practices.
  7. To lobby and advocate for policies and good practices which enhance sustainable development and management of cross boundary resources.
  8. To advocate for women’s and youth leadership development.
  9. Promote harmony, good and conducive working atmosphere among riparian regional organizations.
  10. The Center brings together individuals and groups to share ideas, knowledge, experiences and expertise that can be adapted to the needs of individual countries.

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