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"African Socialist International" may also refer to the League of African Democratic Socialist Parties.

The African Socialist International (ASI) is an organization set up by the African People's Socialist Party at that party's first congress, in 1981. The resolution for the organization's creation called for all African socialists to unite into one all-African socialist movement, with the eventual goal of one African state. The African People's Socialist Party considers the ASI to be its most important project.[1]

The African People's Socialist Party envisions the ASI to be a more revolutionary organization than the general Pan-African movement. One of the resolutions of the African People's Socialist Party's Third Congress in September 1990 stated that:

As distinguished from Pan Africanism, which has historically relied principally on the leadership of the African petty bourgeoisie as heads of organizations or illegitimate colonialist-created states for the accomplishment of its aims, the African Socialist International will rely on the social base of conscious Africans organized under the revolutionary leadership of the African working class.[1]


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