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African Swimming Confederation (CANA) is the African Swimming Confederation: Confédération Africaine de Natation. It is the Continental Association charged with overseeing swimming for Africa. CANA was founded in 1970, with 7 members. By 2008 it had 43 members.[1]

The 2020 Africa Zone VI swimming championship was set to be held in February 2020, but was postponed to April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2]


CANA is geographically divided into four (4) Zones, each of which hosts its own Age Group Championships. The Zones are as follows:

Zone Members
1  Algeria  Egypt  Libya  Morocco  Tunisia
2  Cameroon Republic of the Congo Congo  Ivory Coast Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo  Gambia
 Ghana  Guinea  Mali  Niger
 Nigeria  Senegal  Togo
3  Burundi  Ethiopia  Kenya  Rwanda
 Sudan  Tanzania  Uganda
4  Angola  Botswana  Comoros  Lesotho  Madagascar
 Malawi  Mauritius  Mozambique  Namibia  Seychelles
 South Africa  Eswatini  Zambia  Zimbabwe

Other African FINA members:



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