Afrin River

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Afrin river south of Afrin, Syria

The Afrin River (Arabic: نهر عفرين‎‎ Nahr ʻIfrīn; (Kurdish: Rubara Efrin‎; North Syrian vernacular: Nahər ʻAfrīn; Turkish: Afrin Çayı) is a tributary of the Orontes River in Turkey and Syria. It rises in the Kartal Mountains in Gaziantep Province, Turkey, flows south through the city of Afrin in Syria, then reenters Turkey. It joins the Karasu at the site of the former Lake Amik, and its waters flow to the Orontes by a canal.[1] The total length of the river is 139 kilometres (86 mi), of which 55 kilometres (34 mi) is in Syria.

The Afrin was known as Oinoparas in the Seleucid era and as Ufrenus in the Roman era. Abu'l-Fida mentions it as Nahr Ifrîn.[2]


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Coordinates: 36°19′29″N 36°15′40″E / 36.32472°N 36.26111°E / 36.32472; 36.26111