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The AfroNubians were a world music band based in Toronto. Its founders included Sudanese emigrant Tarig Abubakar (leader, and principal composer) (1964-1998) and Adam Solomon who would participate in the Juno Award winning album African Guitar Summit, a recent band from whom lead guitarist, Pa Joe (Peter Oppong) from Ghana would figure very prominently. The AfroNubians featured Canadian and African talent amongst its band members, including Joe Szilagy (aka: Joe Slant), lead (rock/funk) guitar and Mohammed Hagelamin, bass, who (next to Tarig, of course), were the longest standing members of the band, of which there were about three different line-ups. It was Tarig's, as well as Nadine McNulty's, relentless hard work that got Tarig's original blend of unique African musical stylings noticed throughout Canada, and eventually, other parts of the world. Tarig also chose to incorporate bits of Latin, reggae, and even a hint of rock into his adventurous vision. During the late 1990s, he had expressed a desire to record a live album, (which eventually bore fruit, however, it came to be after his death). The two most important tours,(as well as line-ups), are featured on the recent CBC live CD produced by Todd Fraracci. Among the members, (along with Tarig, Mohamed, and Joe),included on the CD and from the most rigorous of tours were: Bruno Hedman-saxophone, Jim Heineman-saxophone and flute, Pa Jo-soukous and highlife lead guitar, Altof Bwana Moto-drums, Joseph Ashong-djembe/percussion, as well as a host of other talented musicians. Shortly after Tarig's scheduled arrival,(upon returning from Sudan), the band was about to embark on its first U.S. tour and then throughout different parts of the world. Although Tarig's ideas were finally taking shape, he would never return to this side of the Atlantic again.

Formed in 1992, the AfroNubians would perform in Toronto, and eventually conduct three tours across Canada. In 1998, Abubakar was killed in a motor vehicle incident while visiting Sudan. No further studio recordings were produced since, but in 2005 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation released a very well received CD of two live concerts from the band's 1995–1997 heyday.


  • 1994: Tour to Africa
  • 1995: The Great Africans
  • 1997: Hobey Laik
  • 2005: Tarig Abubakar & Afronubians Live

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