Afshar language

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Native toTurkey, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan
EthnicityAfshar people
Native speakers
Perso-Arabic script, Latin script
Language codes
ISO 639-3(included in azb)
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Afshar or Afshari (Azerbaijani: Əfşar türkcəsi, افشار تورکجه‌سی, Әфшар түркҹәси; Turkish: Afşar dili or Afşarca) is a Turkic language spoken in Turkey, Iran, Syria, and parts of Afghanistan by the Afshar people. Ethnologue lists it as a dialect of South Azerbaijani language.[2][better source needed]

Afshar is distinguished by a large number of loanwords from Persian and a rounding of the phoneme /a/ to [ɒ], as occurred in Uzbek. In many cases, vowels that are rounded in Azerbaijani are not rounded in Afshar. An example of this is /jiz/ (meaning 100), which is /jyz/ in standard Azerbaijani.

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