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"After All"
Song by The Miracles from the album Hi... We're the Miracles
Released June 1961
Recorded Hitsville USA; 1960
Genre Doo-wop
Length 2:37
Label Tamla
Writer(s) Smokey Robinson
Producer(s) Berry Gordy, Jr.
"After All"
Single by The Supremes
B-side Unknown
Released 1961 (unreleased)
Format 7" single
Recorded Tamla (Studio B); August 1960
Genre Doo-wop
Length 2:46
Label Tamla
T 54045
Writer(s) Smokey Robinson
Producer(s) Berry Gordy, Jr.;
Smokey Robinson
The Supremes singles chronology
"I Want a Guy"
"After All"
"Buttered Popcorn"
"After All"
Single by The Marvelettes
from the album Return of the Marvelettes
A-side Marionette
Released 1970
Format 7" 45 RPM
Recorded Hitsville USA, Golden World; 1970
Genre Soul
Length 3:20
Label Motown
Writer(s) Smokey Robinson
Producer(s) Smokey Robinson
The Marvelettes singles chronology
"That's How Heartaches are Made"
"Marionette"/ "After All"
"A Breathtaking Guy"

"After All" is a 1960 song written by Smokey Robinson and originally recorded and released by The Miracles[1][2] on the Tamla label. It was later covered as an unreleased single by The Supremes for Tamla; it was canceled in favor of the single "Buttered Popcorn", and their cover wasn't released until it appeared on the 2000 box set, The Supremes.[3] The song is noted for both groups' unusual choices for leads. For the Miracles' version it serves as a rare lead for Claudette Rogers Robinson, instead of the group’s main lead, Claudette's husband, Smokey Robinson. In the Supremes' case it is their only single to feature Barbara Martin singing on lead vocals (although she does have a spoken line during the song "(He's) Seventeen"). Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, and Diana Ross sing verses, and Martin sings the bridge (usually Ballard or Ross was given the lead on the group's recordings at that time). "After All" was also later covered by The Marvelettes, in the early 1970s, with group member Wanda Young Rogers as lead. (There's a connection to the two previous groups in that Wanda Young was the wife of Miracles member Bobby Rogers, and she was the only member of The Marvelettes on the song—as with the late-1960s singles of The Supremes, The Andantes served as background singers.) Their version appears on the album The Return of the Marvelettes,[4][5] and later became the group's belated final single (it failed to chart).


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