After All It's Only Life

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Las Boludas
Directed by Víctor Dínenzon
Produced by Víctor Dínenzon
Written by Víctor Dínenzon
Dalmiro Sáenz
Starring Gerardo Romano
Music by Litto Nebbia
Cinematography Hugo Colace
Edited by Norberto Rapado
Distributed by Argentina Video Home
Release dates
5 August 1993
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

After All It's Only Life (Spanish: Las Boludas) is a 1993 Argentine comedy film directed and written by Víctor Dínenzon and written by José Ángel Esteban. The film stars Gerardo Romano. It premiered on 5 August 1993 in Buenos Aires.

Plot summary[edit]

Three women ridiculed by their spouses glide to take revenge themselves with the intention to demonstrate to them that they are quite different from what is being portrayed.


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