After Hours (The Velvet Underground song)

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"After Hours"
Song by the Velvet Underground
from the album The Velvet Underground
ReleasedMarch 1969
RecordedNovember – December 1968
T.T.G. Studios,[1] Hollywood
Sunset and Highland Sound, Hollywood
LabelMGM Records
Songwriter(s)Lou Reed
Producer(s)The Velvet Underground

"After Hours" is a 1969 song written by Lou Reed[2] and originally performed by the Velvet Underground. It is the tenth and final track on their self-titled third album.[3] It is one of few songs with lead vocals by drummer Maureen Tucker, as Lou Reed stated the song was "so innocent and pure" that he could not possibly sing it himself. Tucker's vocals are accompanied by acoustic and bass guitar. The style of the lyrics and the music is somewhat reminiscent of Tin Pan Alley songs of the 1930s.[4]

The song was re-recorded by Maureen Tucker with instrumentation by The Changelings in 2002. It was released on the single "I'm Sticking with You/After Hours".

Music video[edit]

In 2014, Universal Music Enterprises held a contest in collaboration with Genero to create an official music video for the song.[5] From 120 submissions, the video by Choking Monkey Productions was picked as the winner and subsequently uploaded to the Velvet Underground Vevo YouTube channel.[6][7]


Personnel (on original recording)[edit]


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