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After Hours Press
Independent comic book publisher
Industry Comics, Photo reference
Founded 2000
Headquarters New York, NY, 10003
Key people
Buddy Scalera, Darren Sanchez and Chris Eliopoulos

After Hours Press is an independent American comic book publisher based in Rockland County, New York. It specializes in establishing new properties and developing I.P.'s (intellectual properties). It was founded by Buddy Scalera, Darren Sanchez and Chris Eliopoulos.

AHP is particularly focused in the writing and production aspects of making comics. All AHP creators are former or current professional in the comic book industry, hence the name "after hours". All of the founders worked for Wizard, either on staff or as freelancers. Currently Darren Sanchez is CEO and Publisher, while also working with Starlight Runner Entertainment in New York City.


  • Desperate Times (B&W, monthly comic)

Desperate Times was published originally by Image Comics

  • Necrotic (full-color graphic novel)
  • Celestial Alliance (full-color comic book/graphic novel, one-shot)

- Some of Celestial Alliance is based on Darren Sanchez's experience as an Army helicopter pilot
- Celestial Alliance includes a backup story with a paramilitary themed comic called "JAAT"

  • Impossible Tales (full-color comic book/graphic novel, 2-issue mini-series)
  • 7 Days to Fame (full-color comic book/graphic novel, 3-issue mini-series)
  • Foxwood Falcons (full-color comic book/graphic novel, 3-issue mini-series)
  • Visual Reference for Comic Artists (multimedia CD-Rom)

- There are three CD-ROM collections published to date
- Buddy Scalera is also the author of three photo reference books in a series: Comic Artist's Photo Reference by IMPACT Books

  • Model Operandi (full-color trade paperback/graphic novel, one-shot)

- Model Operandi was self-published originally by two Joe Kubert School graduates and was later picked up by After Hours Press

  • Parts (black & white comic book, one-shot, sit-comic)

- The Parts comic was originally written as an unproduced television sitcom.

After Shock Comics (superhero wing of AHP)

  • The SIRE (full-color comic book series & graphic novel)

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