After Midnight (1989 film)

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After Midnight
Directed by Jim Wheat
Ken Wheat
Produced by Richard Arlook
Written by Jim Wheat
Ken Wheat
Music by Marc Donahue
Cinematography Phedon Papamichael Jr.
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
(MGM/UA Communications Co.)
Release date
  • November 3, 1989 (1989-11-03)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $3 million
Box office $76,329

After Midnight is an American horror anthology film released in 1989. Besides the three stories within the movie, there is a wraparound story with a deus ex machina at the end.


Allison and Cheryl are two college students in a new class, The Psychology of Fear. It is taught by a strange man named Edward Derek. One of Derek's in class experiments makes a jock wet himself in front of everyone, leading to the censuring of the class. Professor Derek invites his students to his home for a private lesson. There, he tells the students three tales centered on fear. In the meantime, the humiliated jock sneaks over to Derek's home to take revenge.

The Stories[edit]

The Old Dark House[edit]

Joan and Kevin gets their car break down in the middle of the night after a dinner. Joan convinced Kevin to ask for help in an seemingly empty house near the road. Kevin seems uninterested by the idea since he knows the house is haunted, but keep following Joan. Joan gets in first by an opened window, but after Kevin calls for her, she does not answering. Kevin tries to get in and get scared when looking for Joan. He finally able to go back to the main lobby, when he found Joan, across the lobby, get threatened by a garden scissor. The door closes, and showing a spooky man laughing at him. As the door closes and opens, Joan and the man showing simultaneously. After the door closed, it is revealed that Joan and Kevin's friend preparing a birthday surprise for him, with Joan wears man's figure and makeup in her back. Joan opens the door for the last time and bringing the cake, but showing a man's figure first to Kevin. Unknowingly, Kevin becomes frightened and decapitated Joan with sword from knight's display behind him. In the end, it was told that Kevin ended up committing suicide in mental hospital.

A Night on the Town[edit]

Four high school girls go downtown one night to have some fun. They cannot get into a club and look for entertainment elsewhere. They end up at a run-down gas station. There, the girls cross paths with a perverted gas attendant and his ferocious dogs. After gets off from the gas station, they escape by the car, but the gas attendant jump into their top of it. After the gas attendant finally crushed by the car. Mary, one of the girls, frustrated and running alone, thinking that the car could not started, but she got chased and eaten by the dogs. The remaining three try to escape from the dogs by running until they found a warehouse filled by flammable liquid drums. They lurk the dogs into the warehouse, trap them and burn the warehouse.

All Night Messenger[edit]

Marg Helgenberger plays Alex, an employee at a telephone messaging service. Due to a broken leg, she returns from a ski trip early and takes a late night shift. A female client complains of a man who's been stalking her and leaving messages. Alex tries to help her by try to call her, but the man is who answer her. After found the address of her office, Alex got into cat and mouse game with the man. Until in the end when she gets back to the office, she answered a call from the man who sitting behind her.

The Wraparound Story/Ending[edit]

Professor Derek goes down to the basement and ends up falling into the jock's trap. He's hung upside down and dangled over the center of a ring of fire. The other students watch in frozen fear. The situation suddenly changes when Derek is released and his stories begin to mesh with reality. Allison finally wakes up, ready for her first day of The Psychology of Fear.



Paul Chadwick, the production designer, is the artist and originator of the graphic comic character "Concrete."

DVD release[edit]

On September 20, 2005, MGM released After Midnight on DVD.

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