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This article is about the Norwegian record label. For the American record label founded by Dr. Dre, see Aftermath Entertainment.

Aftermath Music is a record label based in Trondheim, Norway. Aftermath Music opened in 1997 as a small music shop, but also operates in various other fields.

- Music Shop (cd / lp / merch / movies etc.)
- Mailorder Service
- Record Label (Aftermath Music and Angelic Recordings)
- Management / Tour Management
- Booking Agency
- Main Office for the Webzine called Metal Norge.


Sole Remedy "Apoptosis" (2010) CD
Goat The Head "Dobbelgangers" (2010) CD
Ocean Chief / The Funeral Orchestra "The Northern Lights II" (2010) split LP
Anneke van Giersbergen / Danny Cavanagh "In Parallel" (2009) Digibook CD
Leafblade "Beyond, Beyond" (2009) Digibook CD
Poema Arcanus "Timeline Symmetry" (2009) CD
Slagmaur "Lange Knivers Natt" TS
Slagmaur "The Devil And The Wolf" TS
In Mourning "Owl" TS
Aftermath Music "Godfather logo" TS
Sarkom "To Ruin Something That Never Was" (2009) gatefold 7" -lim 500 ex.
Ljaa "Vedderbaug" (2008) CD
In Mourning "Shrouded Divind" (2008) CD / Digipack CD
Runemagick "Dawn Of The End" (2007) Digipack CD
Runemagick / Ocean Chief "The Northern Lights" (2007) split CD
The Fall Of Every Season "From Below" (2007) CD
Reverend Bizarre "Thulsa Doom" (2006) gatefold 7"
The Funeral Orchestra "Slow Shalt Be The Whole Of The Law" (2006) Digipack CD) -lim 999 ex.
Runemagick "Invocation Of Magick" (2006) Digipack CD -lim 999 ex. (handnumbered)
Runemagick "Black Magick Sorceress" (2006) Picture 10" -lim 300 ex.
Poema Arcanus "Teluric Manifesto" (2006) CD
Ljaa "Til Avsky For Livet" (2006) CD
Skumring "De Glemte Tider (2005) CD
Aptorian Demon "Angst, Jammer og Fortvilelse" (2005) 7"
Runemagick "Envenom" (2005) Digipack CD
Fallen "A Tragedys Bitter End" (2004) Digipack CD
Azaghal "Perkeleen Louma" (2004) CD
Astriaal "Renascent Misanthophy" (2004) CD
Ljaa / Koldbrann "split" (2004) 7" -lim 666 ex.
Runemagick "On Funeral Wings (2004) CD / ltd CD (slipcase)
The Funeral Orchestra "Feeding The Abyss" (2003) CD
Azaghal / Tunrida "Omenne" (2003) 7"
Runemagick "Darkness Death Doom" (2003) CD
Azaghal "Kyy" (2003) MCD
Runemagick / Lord Belial "Doomed By Death" (2002) split 7"
Mourning Beloveth "The Sullen Sulcus" (2002) CD
Runemagick "Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse" (2002) CD/Picture 10"
Azaghal "Helwetilainen" (2002) 7"
Poema Arcanus "Iconoclast" (2002) CD/ltd CD
Runemagick "Requiem Of The Apocalypse" (2002) CD/ltd CD
Nocturnal Winds "Of Art And Suffering" (2001) CD
The Embraced "The Birth" (2001) CD
Runemagick "Ancient Incantations" (2001) 7"
Hin Onde "Songs Of Battle" (2000) CD
Opus Forgotten "Demon Of Destruction" (2000) 7"
The Embraced "Songs Of Death" (2000) 7"
Non Serviam "Play God" (2000) 7"
Nocturnal Winds "Everlasting Fall" (1999) 7"
Hin Onde "Fiery September Fire" (1999) 7"
Azaghal "Harmageddon" (1999) 7"
The Embraced "In My Dreams...I Am Armageddon" (1998) CD

Solarfall Records is a daughter label of Aftermath Music and will release the first 7" at Halloween 31.Oktober 2010.

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