Afton, Isle of Wight

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Clear waters and rocks
View of Freshwater Bay, Afton, Isle of wight.

Afton is a hamlet just outside Freshwater on the west side of the Isle of Wight. It features a local hill known as Afton Down which was the site of the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970, one of the largest rock concerts to be held in the UK.[1] Freshwater Bay Golf Course is located on Afton Down. Afton lends its name to a number of local properties, including Afton Lodge, Afton Manor and Afton Thatch, the latter two dating from the 17th Century.[2]

A barrow located on Afton Down has been the subject of archaeological interest, and is thought to be from the Bronze Age.[3]

A yearly Apple Day Festival takes place every fall at a commercial nursery known as Afton Park. The Apple Festival draws several thousand people a year to enjoy entertainment, a children's "apple olympics", and demonstrations.[4]

Transport is provided by Southern Vectis route 7, which runs close by.[5]


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