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Aga Khan may refer to:

  • Aga Khan, the hereditary title of the Imam (spiritual and general leader) of the Ismaili Nizārī Muslims
    • Aga Khan I (1800–1881), the first Aga Khan, and 46th Imam.
    • Aga Khan II (c. 1830 - 1885), the second Aga Khan and 47th Imam.
    • Aga Khan III (1877 – 1957), the third Aga Khan and 48th Imam.
    • Aga Khan IV (b. 1936), the fourth and current Aga Khan and 49th Imam.

Other People:

  • Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan (1933 – 2003), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees from 1966 to 1978.
  • Yasmin Aga Khan (b. 1949), the American philanthropist known for raising public awareness in Alzheimer's disease.