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Aga is listed on the Sumerian King List as the last king in the first Dynasty of Kish.

Aga is mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh as having besieged Uruk. He appears also in the earlier Sumerian text of Bilgames and Akka, where he is referred to as Akka.[1] The Gilgamesh epic, the Sumerian king list, and the Tummal Chronicle[2] all call him the son of En-me-barage-si, a king who has been verified through archaeological inscription, leading to theories that Gilgamesh was also historical.


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Preceded by
King of Sumer
c. 2600 BC or legendary
Succeeded by
Gilgamesh of Uruk
Ensi[citation needed] of Kish
c. 2600 BC or legendary
Succeeded by