Agadez Mosque

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Agadez Mosque
مسجد أغاديز
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LocationAgadez, Tchirozerine, Niger
Agadez Mosque is located in Niger
Agadez Mosque
Shown within Niger
Geographic coordinates16°58′27.0″N 7°59′18.2″E / 16.974167°N 7.988389°E / 16.974167; 7.988389Coordinates: 16°58′27.0″N 7°59′18.2″E / 16.974167°N 7.988389°E / 16.974167; 7.988389
Date established1515

Agadez Mosque (Arabic: مسجد أغاديز‎) is a prominent mosque in Agadez, Tchirozerine Department, Niger.[1] It was made of clay and is the tallest mud-brick structure in the world.[2][3]


The city was built in 1515 at the time when the city was captured by the Songhai Empire. It was restored and some of it was rebuilt in 1844.[4][5]

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