Again, Dangerous Visions

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Again, Dangerous Visions
Cover of Again, Dangerous Visions, ed. by Harlan Ellison. First, limited edition. Published 17 March 1972.
First edition, limited. (17 March 1972)
Editor Harlan Ellison
Illustrator Ed Emshwiller, interior
Cover artist Ed Emshwiller
Country United States
Language English
Series Dangerous Visions
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Doubleday
Publication date
17 March 1972
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 760
OCLC 308501
LC Class PZ1.E473 Ag PS648.S3
Preceded by Dangerous Visions
Followed by The Last Dangerous Visions (unpublished)

Again, Dangerous Visions (17 March 1972) is a science fiction short story anthology, edited by Harlan Ellison. It is the follow-up to Dangerous Visions (October 1967), also edited by Ellison. Cover art and interior illustrations are by Ed Emshwiller.

Like its predecessor, Again, Dangerous Visions, and many of the collected stories, have received awards recognition. "The Word for World is Forest", by Ursula K. Le Guin, won the 1973 Hugo for Best Novella.[1] "When It Changed" by Joanna Russ won a 1972 Nebula Award for Best Short Story.[2] Harlan Ellison was recognized with a special Hugo Award for anthologizing, his second special award, in 1972.[3]

Again, Dangerous Visions was released as a two-volume paperback edition by Signet in the United States, and by Pan in the United Kingdom. A sequel was planned, The Last Dangerous Visions, but was never published.

The first edition was a hardback limited release of 6,500 numbered and signed copies.[4]


Each story is preceded by an introduction written by Ellison.

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