Again Kasargod Khader Bhai

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Again Kasargod Khader Bhai
Film poster
Directed by Thulasidas
Produced by Milan Jaleel
Written by Kaloor Dennis
Starring Jagadish
Radha Varma
Gautham Krishn
Music by Ratheesh Vegha
Cinematography Utpal V Nayanar
Edited by Mohanan P C
Distributed by Galaxy Films
Release date
  • 3 December 2010 (2010-12-03)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Again Kasargod Khader Bhai is a 2010 Malayalam film directed by Thulasidas, starring Jagadish, Radha Varma, Gautham Krishn and Innocent in the lead roles. The film is a sequel to the films Mimics Parade (1991) and Kasargod Khader Bhai (1992).


The artists of Kaladarshana, led by Unni (Jagadish) reunites to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of founder Fr. Tharakkandam (Innocent). There they get an invitation to perform a Mimics programme at Viyyoor central jail. Kasargod Khader Bhai's son Kasim Bhai is currently in the same jail and he has vengeance on Kaladarshana troop who were behind his arrest. He attacks them during the programme. The next day Kasim Bhai is found murdered. The suspicion falls on the Kaladarshana team. The unfolding of the murder mystery forms the rest of the story.