Against (American band)

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Origin Venice, California, United States
Genres Crossover thrash, thrash metal, punk rock
Years active 2006-present
Labels Built On An Ounce (2006-present)
Associated acts Excel, Suicidal Tendencies, Los Cycos, No Mercy
Members Dan Clements
Kevin Guercio
Grant Estes
Louiche Mayorga
Amery Smith

Against (styled as AgainST[1]) is a Crossover thrash band formed in 2006 by singer-songwriter Dan Clements, original Suicidal Tendencies members Grant Estes, Louiche Mayorga and Amery Smith and former No Mercy vocalist Kevin Guercio.


In 2006 Louiche Mayorga started a compilation album project with another bands from Venice, California. Just a few days later he met by chance with Grant Estes and Amery Smith, he told them about the project and they instantaneously accepted to join it. Mayorga recorded some tapes and sent them to Dan Clements (Excel founding member and frontman) who called him that same night to form new band together. With the line-up complete, the band was called Against. In May 2006 they made two shows at "The Good Hurt Club" in Venice, both concerts were benefits to help launch the compilation album Welcome 2 Venice[2] (disc which continues the previous compilation released in 1985 with songs by their original bands). At the time of going to the studio Mayorga recruited Kevin Guercio (original No Mercy singer) as a second vocalist for the group. They recorded two tracks for Welcome 2 Venice: "Camarillo" (with Clements) and "Roll the Dice" (with Guercio). The entire recording, release and distribution was conducted by Louiche Mayorga's independent label "Built On An Ounce". After the release of the album there were rumors about a possible Excel reunion, however Clements said he had no intentions of reforming the band and did not want anyone to take Against as a return of the group.[3]



Year Title Label Notes Accredited songs
2006 Welcome 2 Venice Built On An Ounce Split Album "Camarillo" and "Roll the Dice"


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