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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Silver Age #1 (July 2000)
Created by Mark Waid
In-story information
Abilities Psychic powers
Intergalactic Travel

Agamemno is a fictional character, a supervillain in the DC Comics universe. He first appeared in Silver Age #1 (July 2000) during the Silver Age event (a series of Silver Age styled one-shots of which he was the chief antagonist). He was created by Mark Waid.[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Agamemno is the son of the first sentient being to be created after the Big Bang. His father ruled the universe for eons before being deposed and killed by a group of similar, though younger, cosmic entities. Agememno, his heir, fled and has presumably been on the run from his father's killers ever since, all the while plotting to regain universal domination.

He was an interplanetary conqueror who controlled many worlds; in his search for universal control, he learned of 3 items that would allow him to become all powerful: the Absorbascon (a mind reading device) from Thanagar, a piece of crystal kryptonite, and the central power battery of Oa.

A few years after the formation of the Justice League of America, he learned of their existence from Kanjar Ro. He arrived on Earth and allied with Lex Luthor and several criminals, thus creating the Injustice League. These villains were promised control of Earth in exchange for helping Agamemno conquer the universe.

Agamemno used his powers to swap the minds of the JLA with the villains as follows:

The villains succeeded in securing the items Agememno required (despite being driven back into their own bodies) and became omniscient in the process. The villains threatened to destroy the JLA with the knowledge they'd learned about them but were ultimately defeated when the JLA used Robby Reed's H-Dial to become new superheroes of which no one had any knowledge.

Agamemno used his powers to merge and possess the three items; however, the combined might of the JLA, the Wingmen of Thanagar, and the Green Lantern Corps were able to separate the three items and trap Agamemno inside the central power battery. He was taken into custody by the Guardians of the Universe. What has happened to him since, especially considering the later destruction of the Power Battery, is unknown. It's possible he was destroyed by Parallax.

It was revealed in the JLA storyline Tower of Babel (also written by Waid) that the body swap by Agamemno led Batman to develop a number of contingency plans to take down the JLA and other heroes should they go rogue.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Agamemno is made up of invisible, intangible, formless psychic energy. This energy can possess any inorganic or dead material (e.g. he can possess the dead wood of a boat but not possess the bodies of the JLA). Once he has possessed this material he can reshape it, usually into a standard body shape/color so he can be recognized. This new body retains the properties of the material from which it is made. If Agamemno's body is destroyed, he can simply create a new one.

He has some psychic powers although their limits are not clear; he can clearly swap the minds/bodies of a second and third party.

Agamemno is personally capable of interstellar and presumably intergalactic travel.


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