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Agara lake is a 98-acre natural lake located in Agara, Bangalore. It is one of the most well maintained lakes of Bangalore.


Agara Lake
A picture of Agara Lake
Agara Lake before Complete Renovation
LocationSoutheast of Bengaluru city
Coordinates12°55′16″N 77°38′28″E / 12.921°N 77.641°E / 12.921; 77.641
Catchment areaYes
Surface area0.24 km2 (0.093 sq mi)
Shore length12.1 km (1.3 mi)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

At one end is a park and a jogging trail encircles the lake.It was in full capacity in August 2017. About 40 species of waterbirds like pelicans and reptiles such as rat snakes are found. Various events also take place. It dates back to the 8th century.[1]

The lake is filled by the water of Madivala lake, through the Raja Kaluve. Surplus water is drained to the Bellandur Lake.[2]

The most famous attraction of Agara lake is the Children-Rooster Globe, which also has been cleaned.

More than 230 plants have been planted at the lake's islands.[1]


With a Rupees 16.10 crore grant from the state government, the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority, began a desilting program was run to use the surplus water and to remove silt mounds. [3]


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