Agaskodo Teliverek

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Agaskodo Teliverek
Agaskodo Teliverek.jpg
Pharoah, Miki, Tomi, Hiroe
Background information
OriginLondon, United Kingdom
Genresnoise rock, math rock, surf
Years active2006 to 2009
LabelsAdaadat (U.K.), Midfinger (Italy), Fantome (Japan)
MembersMiki Kemecsi
Tomi Szabó
Hiroe Takei
Thomas Fuglesång
Past membersPharoah S. Russell

Agaskodo Teliverek (meaning rearing stallions in Hungarian) were a London-based quartet. Their extremely unconventional merging of various musical genres made Agaskodo’s music hard to classify, producing music that they called ‘Psycho Goulash’. “Pairing electro-noisy randomness and drums with crystal clear finger noodling worthy of The Shadows sounds as weirdly inappropriate now as it did when Agaskodo Teliverek first showed up in London with their 118-118 sports kits.” [1]

The final line-up of the band was Miklos ‘Miki’ Kemecsi (guitar) Tamas ‘Tomi’ Szabo (guitar) Hiroe Takei (vocals and keyboard) and Thomas Fuglesång (drums).

Miki began his musical career performing frantic electronic music as a one-man band named The Accountant, first appearing on one of Seed records Aldwych tube station gigs alongside Ceefax Acid Crew and Aphex Twin. He also toured in Europe with 19-t records (Japan) and U.K. based breakcore label Adaadat. After his music started to incorporate the electric guitar more frequently Miki expanded the band by the addition of Tomi on guitar and Agaskodo Teliverek was born. The self-titled debut album was released on Adaadat records in October 2006 with guest performances by Man From Uranus, David Firth, Amit Lissack, The Rebel, Mc Big Cheese and Max Tundra. The album cover and inlay features deranged looking fat cats painted by Miki Kemecsi.[2]

Late 2007 Hiroe Takei joined the band on vocals and keytar, and they performed on BBC Electric Proms John Peel Night as support act for Siouxsie Sioux. In 2007 Giorgio Pona and Gigi Piscitelli offered to produce and manage their second album “Psycho Goulash”. The album was recorded with two different drummers, Pharaoh S. Russell (The Noisettes, Emillina Torrini, Jeremy Warmsley) and Thomas R. Fuglesang of Infants and Gum Takes Tooth.[3]

When playing live, they wore tight-fitting football uniforms and occasionally brought a troupe of burlesque dancers, guest performers and people dressed as zebras to join the performance.[4]

The band played in Europe but mainly in the UK and in France alongside acts like Lightning Bolt, Trencher, DJ Scotch Egg, Foetus, Max Tundra, The Mae Shi, Kap Bambino, Les Georges Leningrad, Fuck Buttons, gay against you and Rolo Tomassi.

In May 2008 they performed as Damo Suzuki’s (Can) backing band with M.F.U. and Skeletons And The Kings of All Cities at Dalstons Bardens Boudoir.





  • I PLAY GAY 7": Gay VS You covers with Dolby Anol, House Mouse and Dananananakroyd, (Adaadat, 2008)
  • Ommm Testing the Equipment guitars on Days of Space (Adaadat, 2006)
  • Man From Uranus "Future Focus" guitar and drum loop on The Future is on Fire & guitar beats and sequencing on Speedworm (Liselotte Pulver)


Max Tundra, Man From Uranus, David Firth, The Rebel, Amit Lissack, Damo Suzuki, MC Big Cheese


  • Trade & Distribution Almanac vol.2 Mal-Funk (Adaadat, 2005)
  • Trade & Distribution Almanac vol.3 Squirrel Staring at a Beetle (Adaadat, 2006)
  • Trade & Distribution Almanac vol.4 Bamayashi Ege (Adaadat, 2007)
  • Disco_r.Dance vol.1 Blood Club (2007, Norman records)
  • Electronic Bible vol.3 Liselotte Pulver (Speedworm) & Bastard Cabbage remixed by The Accountant (White Label Music, 2007)
  • Nocturne, Late Nights at the Whitechapel, Stupid Girl (Maniac Squat, 2007)
  • Utrophia Compilation vol.3 The Beautiful Breadman (Utrophia, 2008)
  • Methodist Leisure Inc. freebie funcore compilation Short Attention Span Short Attention Span - Liquorice Pogostick Massacre (Methodist, 2009)



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