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Store-bought "Agata" potatoes.

The Agata is a potato variety. It comes from a crossing between the BM 52-72 and Sirco varieties.

Characteristics of this variety include a yellow skin colour, light yellow flesh, oval tuber shape, very short dormancy, very shallow eye depth, it has a low dry matter content and is not sensitive to harvest damage or dry rot.[1]

Resistances for this variety would be that it is quite resistant to spraing, Yn-virus and Yntn-virus. It is quite susceptible to erwinia and common scab. Also, it is resistant to golden nematode RO 1 and 4 and it is susceptible to golden nematode PA 2 and 3. Agata is also susceptible to late blight foliage as well as wart disease 2 and 6. The variety also has little susceptibility to late blight tuber and powdery scab.[1]


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