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Agaya Gangai Falls
Agaya Gangai.JPG
Coordinates11°10′N 78°24′E / 11.17°N 78.40°E / 11.17; 78.40Coordinates: 11°10′N 78°24′E / 11.17°N 78.40°E / 11.17; 78.40
WatercourseAiyaru river
Tourist at Agaya Gangai waterfalls

Agaya Gangai waterfalls are located in Kolli Hills of the Eastern Ghats, in India. Panchanathi, a jungle stream, cascades down as the Agaya Gangai (English: Ganges of Sky), near Arapaleeswarar temple atop the Kolli Hills in Namakkal district, Tamil Nadu.[1] It is a 300 feet (91 m) waterfall of the river Aiyaru. It is located in a mountain valley.[2]

The caves of Korakka Siddhar and Kalaanginatha Siddhar are situated near the Agaya Gangai waterfalls in the nearby forest.[3]

Stairs leading to Agaya Gangai Waterfalls
Agaya Gangai waterfalls in full flow during October 2019
Tourists at Agaya Gangai waterfalls, Kolli Hills


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