Agbinika Power Station

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Agbinika Power Station
Agbinika Power Station is located in Uganda
Agbinika Power Station
Location of Agbinika Power Station in Uganda
Country Uganda
Location Yumbe
Coordinates 03°30′00″N 31°11′51″E / 3.50000°N 31.19750°E / 3.50000; 31.19750Coordinates: 03°30′00″N 31°11′51″E / 3.50000°N 31.19750°E / 3.50000; 31.19750
Purpose Power
Status Proposed
Dam and spillways
Impounds Kochi River
Turbines 4
Installed capacity 20 MW

Agbinika Power Station is a 20 megawatts (27,000 hp) proposed mini hydroelectric power project in Uganda.[1]


The power station will be located across Kochi River, at the current location of Agbinika Falls in Kochi Sub-county, in Yumbe District, in West Nile, Northern Uganda. This location lies near the town of Yumbe, close to the borders with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.[2] The approximate coordinates of Agbinika Falls are:3°30'00.0"N, 31°11'51.0"E (Latitude:3.5000; Longitude:31.1975).[3] The coordinates are approximate because Agbinika Falls does not show on most publicly available maps.


In February 2013, Ugandan print media reported that Uganda's president, Yoweri Museveni, had verbally agreed for his government to construct the Agbinika Power Station to supply power to the West Nile sub-region, in conjunction with the Nyagak Power Stations I, II, and III. The planned capacity of the Agbinika station is 20 megawatts.[4]

Construction timetable[edit]

At this time, the construction time-table is not yet publicly known.

Construction costs[edit]

The estimated cost of constructing this power station is unknown at this time. The construction of the 5 MW Nyagak III Power Station in nearby Zombo District is anticipated to cost approximately US$14 million.[5] Using that bench mark, Agbinika Power Station may cost approximately US$65 to US$75 million.[citation needed]

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