Agdash Private Turkish High School

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Agdash Private Turkish High School
Ağdaş Özəl Türk Liseyi.jpg
Haydar Aliyev Avenue, 100
Coordinates 40°38′43″N 47°28′35″E / 40.645210°N 47.476455°E / 40.645210; 47.476455Coordinates: 40°38′43″N 47°28′35″E / 40.645210°N 47.476455°E / 40.645210; 47.476455
Type Private & boys-only
Established 1993
Closed 2014
Grades 7 – 11
Enrollment By an exam at 6th grade
Campus Urban

AOTL - Agdash Private Turkish High School (Azerbaijani: Agdas Özəl Türk Liseyi , also abbr. AÖTL), was a highly elite private secondary school in the city of Agdash in Azerbaijan. The school was established in 1993. Since its establishment, in 15 years, the school won more than 86 awards in both national and international science Olympiads[citation needed]. 6th grade students took an admissions test in order to get accepted to the school. Tuition fees varied yearly and were very high compared to the life standards in Azerbaijan. In the school, courses were instructed in three languages: Azerbaijani, English and Turkish. Almost 99 percent of the graduates pursued college education. Most of them resumed their higher education in England, USA, Turkey or Russia. Agdash Private Turkish High School was a chain in a network of similar high schools across Azerbaijan run by Çağ Öyrətim İşlətmələri A.O. which was owned by the Azerbaijani state-owned oil and natural gas corporation of SOCAR.

In June 2014, the school was dissolved as part of the Azerbaijani government's crackdown on the Gülen Movement.[1][2][3]

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