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Age Pryor is a New Zealand musician and songwriter. He records and performs solo, is a founding member of both the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and The Woolshed Sessions, and is also a contributing artist to the group Fly My Pretties.

Pryor had his songs played on

Pryor contributed two songs to the Miramax feature film Eagle Versus Shark. The film was written and directed by Taika Waititi, who also directed the video for the title song off the 'Skanks' Pony' album.

He also played guitar and mandolin in the live band that features on the Flight of the Conchords' first recording, Folk The World Tour, in 2002.


Solo Albums[edit]

  • homerecordings - Age Pryor & Tessa Rain, 2001, own label (CD)
  • Oxygen Stealer' - Age Pryor, 2002, own label (CD)
  • City Chorus - Age Pryor, 2003, own label (CD)
  • Shanks' Pony - Age Pryor, 2007, own label (CD)

Ensemble Albums[edit]

  • Fly My Pretties: Live At Bats - Fly My Pretties, Loop, 2004
  • Fly My Pretties: The Return - Fly My Pretties, Loop, 2005
  • The Heartache EP - The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, 2007, own label (CD)
  • The Little Bit Wonderful EP - The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, 2008, own label (CD)

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