Age of Innocence (TV series)

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Age of Innocence
Hangul 순수 시대
Revised Romanization Sunsu-ui sidae
McCune–Reischauer Sunsuŭi shitae

Age of Innocence, also known as The Era of Innocence, is a South Korean drama series produced and broadcast by SBS in 2002.


Tae-seok, Ji-yoon, and Min-soo are best friends in high school. Tae-seok, the son of divorced parents, lives with his father, and falls in love with Ji-yoon. His best friend Min-soo also falls in love with her, and for this reason, Tae-seok hides his love for Ji-yoon. Unfortunately for Min-soo, Ji-yoon returns Tae-seok's feelings. One day, Min-soo witnesses a kiss between Tae-seok and Ji-yoon. Feeling betrayed, he commits suicide in front of Tae-seok.

Seven years later, Tae-seok is a serious CF producer and has a new best friend named Dong-hwa. Incidentally, the woman Dong-hwa wants to marry is Ji-yoon, Tae-seok's first love. Fate has once again toyed with Tae-seok as Ji-yoon is reintroduced to him as his best friend's girlfriend. In another twist of fate, the woman who now loves Tae-seok is Min-soo's sister. Tae-seok must make a decision between the two women, but does not want to make the same mistake he made 7 years ago. However, Dong-hwa soon discovers Ji-yoon's and Tae-seok's past, as told by Min-soo's sister. Dong-hwa can't help but feel betrayed, just as Min-soo did in the past.



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