Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships

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Age of Pirates 2:
City of Abandoned Ships
Age of Pirates 2 cover.jpg
SeriesAge of Pirates series
EngineStorm Engine 2.8
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Genre(s)Role-playing video game

Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships (Russian: Корсары: Город потерянных кораблей, literally "Corsairs: City of Lost Ships") is a role-playing video game developed by Akella,[2] which was released on May 26, 2009. It is the sequel to Sea Dogs (2000), Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), and Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales (2006). Like Caribbean Tales, it does not boast either of the two former games' names, due to legal reasons.


The game is a role playing game, and the plot is rather open ended. At the start, the player may begin alone, or choose one of four navies:[3]

He or she will then embark on several quests of which some are mandatory.

The English campaign is based loosely in part on Rafael Sabatini's Captain Blood novel's first twelve chapters, as the main campaign character name, description, the events he is involved in and the characters resemble with the ones described in Sabatini's novel.


The game retains many of the gameplay features from the previous games, such as the ability to trade, fight, battle and board other ships, explore, and sail in real time. The latter feature is not compulsory; a player may choose to sail around using the map. There is however a new, faster fight system, and a more complex trading system.[3]



There are three different characters the player can choose from. Each one has a separate storyline and class.[3]

  • Merchant
  • Corsair
  • Adventurer


As with the previous games, there are many swords and guns within the game, each with their own attributes.[3]

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

Main Attributes[edit]

The player must develop seven main attributes in order to succeed. This is the "new PIRATES role playing system",[3] and the first letter of each attribute comes together to spell PIRATES.

  • Power
  • Insight
  • Reaction
  • Authority
  • Talent
  • Endurance
  • Success


As with the previous titles, there are many real ship types from the period to choose from.[4] A player may have more than one ship, or in some cases, none at all. The better ships will, of course, cost more money. Some ships can't be bought and must be captured at sea. Some ships are available only after completion of certain quests.

During quests, the player can get warship Flying Dutchman and man-of-war Soleil-Royal, Queen Anne's Revenge is seen in some ports, however, it is not controlled by Blackbeard, who could not be a famous pirate in game's 17th Century continuity.


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