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Agel Enterprises, LLC
Industry Multi-level marketing
Founded Provo, Utah (2005 (2005))
Founder Glen Jensen,
Headquarters Unknown, U.S.
Products Nutritional supplements
Revenue US$37[1] Million (2013)
Number of employees

Agel Enterprises, LLC, a nutritional supplement supplier, is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company which was founded in March 2005 in Provo, Utah, United States.[2]


Year Revenue[3] ($)
2005 9
2006 no data
2007 89M
2008 100M
2009 175M
2010 80M
2011 <80M
2012 <65M
2013 37M
2014 <36M
2015 <35M
2016 no data
2017 no data


The founder, Glen Jensen, previously worked in other MLM companies such as Nu Skin Enterprises and Neways, and has served as a member of the CEO Council of the World Federation of Direct Selling Association.[4] Agel Enterprises moved its global headquarters from Provo, Utah to Lehi, Utah in In September 2008, and then to Pleasant Grove, Utah in June 2014. In 2017, Agel Enterprises closed its Pleasant Grove headquarters. Agel markets vitamin products which it describes as "suspension gel technology", taken in gel form rather than tablets.

Business model[edit]

The company follows the structure of a multi-level marketing two-leg commission model where the recruited sales force is broken down into a "stronger" and "weaker" leg by which participants receive 10% commission from their "weaker" leg of recruited sales force.[5]


While the individual ingredients used in many cases have information published on them, there have been no independent studies conducted to attest to the value of Agel products, that they are safe or effective when taken as directed or validating the benefits of delivery through gel.

In October 2013 Agel joined Avedisco, an association of direct selling companies.[6]

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