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Agelaus or Agelaos (Ἀγέλαος) is, in Greek mythology, the name of various individuals.

  1. Agelaus, or Agelaos, son of Damastor was a suitor of Penelope, killed by Odysseus.
  2. Agelaus was a common herdsman (or slave of Priam) who saved the life of the Trojan prince Paris, exposed as an infant on Mount Ida, owing to a prophecy that he would be the reason for the destruction of Troy, and brought him up as his own son.
  3. Agelaus, son of Maion. He was a Trojan warrior and killed, during the Trojan War, by Ajax.[1]
  4. Agelaus of Miletus, son of Hippasus. He fought against the Greeks as part of contingent of Nastes in the Trojan War and was killed by Meges.[2]
  5. Agelaus, son of Phradraon, and a Trojan warrior. He was killed during the war by Diomedes.[3]
  6. Agelaus, son of Evanor, and one of the attendants of Acamas during the Trojan War.[4]
  7. Agelaus, a Greek warrior slain by Hector during the Trojan War.[5]
  8. Agelaus, son of Heracles and Omphale, and ancestor of Croesus. In other sources this son is instead called Lamus.[6][7]
  9. Agelaus, son of Temenus and descendant of Heracles. Agelaus, along with his brothers (Eurypylus and Callias), hired men to kill his father, since he gave his favour to their sister Hyrnetho and her husband Deiphontes. When this was discovered, the people gave the throne to Deiphontes and Hyrnetho.[8]
  10. Agelaus, son of Oeneus and Althaea.[9] He was killed whilst battling the Curetes.[citation needed]
  11. Agelaus, son of Stymphalus, king of Arcadia, and father of Phalanthus.
  12. Agelaus, father of Antheus of Lyctus. He fought in the army of Dionysus during his campaigns in India.
  13. Agelaus of Naupactus a leader of the Aetolian League.



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