Agence de l'innovation industrielle

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The Agence de l'innovation industrielle was a French governmental agency created in 2005 to support technological projects. As of 2006, it was supporting seven projects:

  • BioHub, a chemistry projects to create products with cereals, without using oil
  • HOMES, a project of housing with ultra-low use of energy
  • Nanosmart, a project of substrate
  • Quaero, a search engine
  • TVMSL, a project of creating a standard of hybrid terrestrial and satellite mobile television based on DVB-H
  • NeoVal, a small automated subway system to replace the VAL
  • VHD (Hybrid Diesel Vehicle), which involves PSA Peugeot Citroën.

The agency was headed by Jean-Louis Beffa and Robert Havas. In January 2008, the French government decided to merge the agency with the French small and medium enterprises support public agency, OSEO.

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