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AWF (or Agent.AWF) is a malicious Trojan downloader affecting the Microsoft Windows operating system.[1][2]

Methods of infection[edit]

This Trojan is considered obsolete, and there are no known variants in the wild.[citation needed]

Affected operating systems[edit]

The following operating systems are known to be affected.[1]


Agent.AWF displays virus activity in that it replaces files on a user's computer with a copy of itself, and moves the original, legitimate file to a back sub-folder. It is known to attempt to terminate security software, and the Trojan downloads a backdoor onto the computer, allowing the attacker to further compromise the computer. It is also known to modify the Windows registry.[citation needed] Agent.AWF does not spread automatically: it needs an attacking user's intervention in order to reach the affected computer. The means of transmission used include, among others, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, emails with attached files, Internet downloads, FTP, IRC channels, peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks, etc.[1]


During installation, the following files are created, and may be present on a compromised system.[citation needed]

  • svcipa.exe
  • nod32kui.exe


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