Agent Arthur's Desert Challenge

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Agent Arthur's Desert Challenge is book 19 in the Usborne Puzzle Adventure series of children's books.

Agent Arthur's Desert Challenge
Martin Oliver - Agent Arthur's Desert Challenge.jpeg
Author Martin Oliver
Illustrator Paddy Mounter
Cover artist Paddy Mounter
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Usborne Puzzle Adventure series
Genre Children's literature
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 48
ISBN 978-0-7460-8824-1 (paperback)
OCLC 213379895
Preceded by The Emerald Conspiracy
Followed by Agent Arthur's Mountain Mission / Voyage to the Edge of the World

Plot summary[edit]

The Action Agency's most active agent finds himself in the heart of the desert and in a murky world of kidnap, stolen gold bullion and old enemies. Can Agent Arthur outwit these sneaky schemers before they silence him once and for all?


This book features the following characters:

Agent Arthur - The hero of many previous adventures, Arthur returns as a part of the Action Agency to once more stop the evil doers plans.

Sleuth - Arthur's dog and companion, Sleuth is often the one who saves Arthur in some way (warning of danger or pointing out clues).

Agent Andrea - Kidnapped while waiting for Arthur, she later teams up with him in order to help solve the case.

Agent Zak - Captured while scouting out the Scorpion Gang's desert base, Agent Zak is later found by Agent Arthur and Agent Andrea.