Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter

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Agent Hamilton:
But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter
Directed by Tobias Falk[1]
Produced by Jan Marnell
Written by Stefan Thunberg
Based on Men inte om det gäller din dotter
Jan Guillou
Starring Mikael Persbrandt
Frida Hallgren
Steven Waddington
John Light
Music by Philippe Boix-Vives
Jon Ekstrand
Cinematography Jan Jonaeus
Edited by Thomas Lagerman
Distributed by SF International Sales[2]
Release date
  • September 7, 2012 (2012-09-07)
Running time
90 min
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter is a 2012 spy film directed by Tobias Falk.[3] It is also known as Hamilton 2: Unless It's About Your Daughter.[4][5][6] The original title is Hamilton 2: Men Inte Om Det Gäller Din Dotter.[7][8][9] It is the second part of a trilogy.[10][11][12] Mikael Persbrandt and Saba Mubarak reprise their roles as agent Carl Hamilton and agent Mouna al Fathar. The Australian Classification Board classified the film as "M", the highest unrestricted rating.[13]


Eva Tanguy is the mother of Carl Hamilton's goddaughter Natalie and the director of the Swedish Security Service. When she confounds a terroristic assassination on Swedish soil, the assassin is unfortunately killed in her presence. This draws more attention to her person than ever but she sticks to her previous promise to give an interview for a big newspaper. The journalists twist her words in a way that provokes Islamists. As a result Nathalie gets kidnapped. She is filming with her smartphone when this happens and this provides a trace for Hamilton. Soon he realises the kidnappers were mercenaries with a SAS background. His investigation leads him to the United Kingdom where he tries to retrieve information from one of their old SAS comrades who is evidently unwilling to fill in an outsider. He attempts to put Hamilton down and dies trying. Hamilton is then arrested and delivered to the SIS Building where he faces being interrogated by high-ranked MI-6 officials. After his release he learns he mustn't even rely on his own country's secret service when he wants to rescue his goddaughter. As soon as he knows where Nathalie is kept, he asks Mouna al Fathar to help him. She demands that the leader of these Islamists will also be deducted because the PLO wants him brought before an international court. Together with Nathalie's father, a former member of the French Foreign Legion, they raid the terrorist's garrison. But Pierre Tanguy is out of shape and the terrorist leader is of all things secretly supported by an US-American who plays all sides. Hamilton gets caught and becomes subject to enhanced interrogation techniques.



Daniel Bruce wrote that unlike its predecessor Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation the second film was "a step in the right direction" for this franchise and had made him "keen to see the third film".[14]

DVD Release[edit]

The Australian DVD contains only one version. It is the original version which is partly in English and otherwise subtitled.[14]


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