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Agent J
Jolin-Tsai Agent J Cover.jpg
Standard edition artwork
Studio album by Jolin Tsai
Released September 21, 2007
Recorded 2007
Studio Mega Force Studio, Platinum Studio, Quang Studio, VIP Studio, M.E Studio
Genre Pop, dance
Length 42:47
Language Chinese
Label Capitol
Producer Adia, Paula Ma, Paul Lee, La Quang, Nik Quang, RnG, Michael Lin, Derek Lin
Jolin Tsai chronology
Final Wonderland
Agent J
Love Exercise
Jolin Tsai studio album chronology
Dancing Diva
Agent J

Agent J (Chinese: 特務J) is the ninth studio album by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai (Chinese: 蔡依林). It was released on September 21, 2007, by Capitol Music Taiwan.[1] It was renamed Love Mission (Chinese: 爱情任务) in mainland China. Tsai's last studio album, Dancing Diva (2006), not only brought her to the top of the charts, but also won her the Golden Melody Best Mandarin Female Singer and Most Popular Female Singer awards.[1] Expectations were naturally high for the new record, and Tsai was upping the ante with eleven new tracks and her first ever music movie.[1] The album is set to be as successful as Dancing Diva, and keep her at the top of the Asian pop lists.[2] The album has sold more than 2.5 million copies in Asia,[3] with more than 200,000 copies sold in Taiwan alone,[4] and became the best-selling album of the year in Taiwan.[4] The eleventh track, "Sun Will Never Set", reached number 1 on the Hit FM Annual Top 100 Singles.[5] The title track, "Agent J", reached number 14 on the chart.[5] The second track, "Bravo Lover", reached number 41 on the chart.[5] The album earned Tsai an MTV Asia Award nomination for Favorite Artist Taiwan.[6]

Track listing[edit]

Agent J – Standard edition
No. Title Lyrics Music Producer(s) Length
1. "Agent J" (特務J) Sunny Lee, Matthew Yen, Neoh Kim Hin Ooi Teng Fong Adia 3:35
2. "Bravo Lover" (愛無赦) Issac Chen Lin Rafn, Adam Powers, Paw Lagermann Adia 3:53
3. "Alone" (一個人) Al Kuan Eric Ng Paula Ma 4:39
4. "Fear-free" (怕什麼) Cheng Shu-fei Paul Lee Paul Lee 4:35
5. "Ideal State" (桃花源) Alang Huang Kaede Chong Paul Lee 3:31
6. "Prologue of Tacit Violence" (冷·前言)       0:21
7. "Tacit Violence" (冷·暴力) Isaac Chen, Howard Chiang, Sunny Lee Nik Quang, Thea Hall, La Quang, RnG La Quang, Nik Quang, RnG 3:01
8. "Priceless" (非賣品) Gino Chen, Ang Swee Giap, Tam Jung Chen Tam Jung Chen Michael Lin 4:33
9. "Metronome" (節拍器) Jolin Tsai Jamie Hsueh Derek Lin 4:37
10. "Golden Triangle" (金三角) Issac Chen Nik Quang, La Quang, RnG, Thea Hall La Quang, Nik Quang, RnG 3:02
11. "Sun Will Never Set" (日不落) Luke Tsui Alexander Bengt Magnus Bard, Anders Hansson Michael Lin 3:46
12. "Let’s Move It" Bruce Yao Nik Quang, La Quang, RnG, Sasia Nielsen, James Chu La Quang, Nik Quang, RnG 3:14
Total length: 42:47


To further promote the album, Tsai released her debut film under the same title on September 5, 2007. The film is directed by Jeff Chang, Sheng Kuang, and Wei-kang Lai and starring Jolin Tsai, Kim Jaewon, Stephen Fung, and Carl Ng, and the total cost of the film is NT$50 million.[7][8][9] The film can be divided into three parts. In the first part, Tsai played a girl who traveled in Paris, France, with her boyfriend named S. She was taken away by a secret organization and got brainwashed, and she was selected as a special agent due to her lithe physique to help the organization to assassinate people. At the last, she was instructed by the organization to kill her boyfriend, and she shot his boyfriend on the rooftop where they made their vows to each other. Because she lost all her memory, she was confused about the last smile the man gave to her, and she went to his apartment and found the old photos bearing witness to their relationship. In the second part, Tsai played a people in prison and was selected by a secret organization to carry out an assassination in exchange for her freedom. Her target, Blue Beard, received intelligence and sent two killers to assassinate her in London, England. She met a photographer named Hsiao-tung Lu, and she fled under the cover of the man. They started a relationship, but one day she found her boyfriend was also a special agent sent by Blue Beard. On the night she went to kill Blue Beard, Blue Beard shot her boyfriend from behind. In the third part, she played an undercover agent who was instructed to save a fellow agent named Vince who approached a gang boss in Bangkok, Thailand. However, she found the Vince was her ex-boyfriend who was supposed to be died a few years ago was working for the gang boss. One day both of their undercover identities exposed, and they started a gun battle with the gang member. Vince took a bullet in the chest and was died, and he left her alone again.[10]

Cast Role
Jolin Tsai Agent J
Kim Jaewon S
Stephen Fung Hsiao-tung Lu
Carl Ng Vince
Laurence Delany Killer I
Sean Douglas Killer II
Michael Hannigan Blue Beard


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